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Colleyville, TX August 20, 2014
Heated Discussion at Pre-Council Fails to Rescind Resolution Supporting Tex Rail Through City of Colleyville
New City Councilman Chris Putnam Called on Council to Rescind the Resolution, "I can't be the only one with an opinion on Tex Rail"

Taylor responded to Putnam, "I want to see you stop this train when the US Rep says he can't stop it." 

Putnam responded, "We have an option to have a voice,  to do nothing is tactically supporting Tex Rail. To continue to bloviate by you does nothing in the cause to protect the people in Colleyville." 

Taylor directing his comments to Putnam said, "You are good at walking the dog around the park!"

Putnam interjected to Taylor, "Why are you then, unwilling to take a public stand, one position, not all positions, and vote publicly that you don't want the rail and you will no longer support it at RTC. A resolution is doing something which is better than doing nothing."

Taylor interrupts and states, "I was here long before you came around."

Putnam responded, "I have been here 5 minutes and you have been here a long time and the last time this rail was talked about on council was 5 years ago. So I believe it is time the city takes a public position on the rail." 

Colleyville, TX August 18, 2014
Colleyville Councilman Place 3 Chris Putnam has asked for a revisit of the 2009 Resolution Supporting Commuter Rail through the City
Putnam announced that he has added an agenda item to the Colleyville Pre-Council meeting tomorrow evening to discuss rescinding the 2009 resolution supporting commuter rail. The Tuesday afternoon meeting takes place at 5:30pm in pre-council chambers on the third floor of City hall and is open to the public.

Putnam said in an email, "Rescinding this resolution will be mostly symbolic but I am using it to start a larger conservation in the community about TexRail. I have also asked the City Manager to have the T present project status to us in the fall in a public forum, and allow a Q&A from residents. Lastly, I have asked city staff to draft a resolution extending the train station moratorium which expires this month."

August  13, 2014 Colleyville, TX
by Nelson Thibodeaux

Whoa, Wait, Mauney Facebook Apology Was Not as Agreed by DA's Prosecutor and He Ain't Happy!

The Tarrant County DA's office is "re-examining" the dismissal of the case against Mauney who was accused of helping middle school students vandalize a neighbor's property in the Lakes of Somerset.

The latest development in the case surround's Mauney's alleged letter of apology (as was agreed to dismiss the charges against her) that appeared on Tara Mauney's Facebook Page . The dismissal required Mauney to issue the apology letter, however it was not supposed to be made pubic.  The letter on the Facebook page read:
August 7, 2014

Re: Tarrant County Judicial System: Summary Dismissal of Charges, Tara Mauney

The problem? It is not the verbiage that was agreed to and the reference to the "Judicial System", was not put on the letter posted. In fact, the official Apology Letter was not to be made public.

August  07, 2014 Colleyville, TX
by Nelson Thibodeaux

To Save Children From Testifying Victim Neighbor Requests Mauney Charges Be Dismissed

The Tarrant County District Attorney's Office today dismissed the case against Tara Mauney of Colleyville accused of helping middle school students vandalize a neighbor's house after she agreed to pay for damages and write her neighbor a letter of apology.
                     Tara Mauney

August  07, 2014 Colleyville, TX
Letter to Editor
Are you aware of plans by a developer to construct a contemporary 2 story office building at the corner of Glade and Bedford Rd?

Our neighborhood is protesting this as it will office 70 employees (ie 70 cars) adding increased traffic to an already dangerous traffic stop. Additionally, the modern design of the building is inappropriate for the site; other newly constructed office sites have a brick and stone residential feel. The lot line is pushed back closer to Jo Carol and includes a trash dumpster and parking lot on the residential side of the property.

We have no problem with another office on the lot on Glade, but the multi story design, parking, and garbage dumpster are unacceptable. The resulting increased traffic would further impede flow at an intersection that the Glade Rd "improvements" does not address.

The aesthetics of our growing community are a matter of concern to all citizens. It appears this matter will be going to City Council.
Resident, Garry Lynne Dr.
Editor's Note
We are aware of it now thank you and please keep LNO informed on progress.

August 04, 2014 Colleyville, TX
by Linda Baker

Colleyville Arrests for July 2014
Note: All Arrestees are considered innocent until convicted in a court of law.
Names in Bold were arrested alcohol or drugs related matters.

ARIELLE ELAYNE RICE, 24, white female of 4727 Taylor Lane in Grapevine, TX.  Colleyville PD - Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1<1G, Possession of Marijuana<2 oz.  Arrested at 2100 Cheek Sparger Road at 8:23 PM on 7/16/14 by Officer Edson Espinoza.  No occupation was listed on report.

JEANNA CAROL McCULLOUGH, 42, white female of 7820 Hickory Drive in North Richland Hills, TX.  Colleyville PD - Driving While Intoxicated BAC>=0.15.  Arrested at 200 Glade Road at 12:01 AM on 7/13/14 by Officer Andrew Bray.  McCullough listed her occupation as RN for North Texas Plastic Surgery.
August 04, 2014
Little Known Facts

Exclusive of Local News - Nelson Thibodeaux
Never Too Late
         A fella once said there’s nothing new under the sun.  Just a different bunch of folks a-doing-it!  I get a kick out of all the advertising I see on television these days.  I guess you notice it too.  And you probably also notice that much of it is aimed at the youth of our country.  Well, believe it or not, there’s a good reason for that. 
Colleyville, TX August 19, 2014
Letter to Editor
Please Fix Glade Road.  I'm thinking of printing signs to put out in our city that say that.  Fix Glade Road so that we have turn lanes and a small bike/walking/jogging path.  The majority of our city drives on Glade daily and is majorly inconvenienced.  It is unsafe currently for the numerous bikers and joggers.  Please fix and modernize our road.   

Also, I am happy to hear that the idea of a commuter station is still somewhat alive.  That would be a great long-term growth and development option for the city.   If our failed attempt at a downtown, The Village at Colleyville, had a train station and some higher-density housing, it could be a viable, visionary and thriving development. 
Fix Glad Road!!!
Mike Collins
 August 15, 2014 Colleyville, TX
Colleyville Coffee with Cops
The Colleyville Police Department held its first "Coffee with Cops" at Market Street on Thursday Morning August 14, 2014.  The next Coffee with Cops will be held in September.

Officer Jarrod Shirley with LNO Editor Nelson Thibodeaux
August 08, 2014 Colleyville, Texas
Wreck on Glade Road Brings Question of Safety

A distracted driver that was reportedly "texting" lost control on Glade Road near Chelsea Park and ended up in a residential drive way.  This accident is on the road where a substantial debate occurred this week concerning the best plans for improvements.  Mayor Kelly's plan calls for a 10ft pedestrian trail along the side of the road with curbs; while other want the road improved by no trail and some wish to keep the bar ditches as they are.  It is certainly not clear if this wreck happened with the former plan, would the "pedestrians" on the trail be in peril?

August  08, 2014 Colleyville, TX
Letter to Editor

This reinforces the need to ban texting while driving.  Not the need to expand Glade.  Also, Since when is an accident justification for a road project?
  Jim Burson
August  07, 2014 Colleyville, TX
by Nelson Thibodeaux

The Glade Road Freight
Train Goes Off the Rail
During Council Work Session

Mayor Kelly curiously opened the "work session" by asking repetitive questions of City Manager Jennifer Fadden ,of which he knew all the answers ,concerning the postings of the evening's session. From the city's web site to posting on the bulletin board at City Hall, Kelly recited all the ways the meeting was 'legally' posted.  His opening was apparently in response to criticism that the "work" session to discuss a "resolution," while posted, was not provided the level of public awareness that a issue of this magnitude would be expected by most citizens. 
August 04, 2014 Colleyville, TX
In the Case of Tara Mauney, the Wheels of Justice sure turn slow.
by Nelson Thibodeaux

In a case first reported by Local News Only that made national news headlines

Tara Mauney was first arrested in July 2012 on a charge of Criminal Mischief as first reported on LNO.

A trial date was sent after Ms. Mauney turned down a probation offer from the DA's office. Thereafter, several "status conferences" have been set.  A status conference is defined as;
"A court-ordered meeting with a judge (or under some circumstances an authorized counsel) where they decide the date of the trial. If a party does not attend the status conference, that party's requests for scheduling changes will be ignored.

Yet another status conference has been set for August 5, 2014 at the Criminal District Court #4 by Tarrant County DA Prosecutor Mark Thielman. Ms. Mauney's criminal defense attorney is listed as J. Warren St. John.  LNO will continue to monitor the progress of this long running scenario.
August  04, 2014 Colleyville, TX
by Linda Baker

Colleyville Crime Reported for July 2014   7/03/14 - 7/29/14  Theft of Material at 5911 Pleasant Run Road at Colleyville Elementary.  Officer Logan Hodges was advised that at 1:53 PM that copper tubing worth $5,000 was stolen from the GCISD school.  Detective Chad Bonham is investigating the theft. 

7/24/14 - 7/27/14  Burglary of a Building at 2109 Oak Knoll Court.  Jenson Lawrence Gainer advised Officer Elias Olivarez that unknown suspect(s) stole a blue Yamaha 50cc off road dirt bike ($900), two black Go Karts ($500), STIHL gas concrete saw ($700) and an Ingersoll Rand impact wrench ($1,000).  Detective Chad Bonham is following up the burglary. 
More Crime

August 04, 2014 Southlake, TX
State Representative Capriglione

Texas State Representative, Dist. 91 has published his August newsletter.  Click Here

Nelson Thibodeaux, Editor
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