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Colleyville's IMAX®
The vision of Bill Baldridge
by Nelson Thibodeaux
Updated 05/25/13 06:53:57 PM   

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August 18, 2006 Colleyville
The new IMAX® Theater in Colleyville does not live up to expectations...it blows them up!  Forget everything you know about traditional movie theaters..welcome to the MetroCinema Bill Baldridge Movie Palace!

The impressive new theater in Colleyville is located in the Town Center at the corner of Hall Johnson and Colleyville Blvd.  The facility is a mixture of baby boomer comforts along with family friendly advantages appealing to young families with children as well.

A tour of the new IMAX theater will  plain and simply change the way you view movie theaters. The concept of Bill Baldridge was to build the first of its kind multiple- purpose, fine restaurant, meeting facility, neighborhood bar, family friendly movie theater. You can not begin to absorb the wonders of this luxury entertainment venue until you have actually toured the facility. 

Bill Baldrige is a visionary that didn't just break the mold, he threw it away.  He is a Dallas real estate developer who has never built, much less operated a movie theater before.  Yet his concept seems to have landed him squarely on target with baby boomers who enjoy movies, but not the movie theater experience.

The Metro IMAX screen in Colleyville is shown on a specially designed screen that stretches beyond the audience's peripheral view and also features a state-of-the-art digital surround sound.

IMAX is a huge 15-perforation, 70mm film frame that is 10 times larger than the 35mm frame used in regular theaters.  The IMAX literature says that the audience experiences crystal clear images with vibrant colors in amazing size and incredible depth.  The Metro in Colleyville also shows IMAX in 3-D.

The huge IMAX platters seen above are actually in two sets of film, one for the right and one for the left eye, offering the only 3-D IMAX in Tarrant county. 

Superman Returns earned more than $20 million in IMAX theaters.  "Spider Man 3" will be simultaneously released with traditional movie theaters on May 4, 2007.

The special equipment for the IMAX experience can be viewed by visitors through a open glass area.  The theater is already in the process of arranging tours from area school children.  IMAX corporate executives are said to be particularly excited about the Colleyville theater since they plan to bring more first run movies in the IMAX format.  For example, July 13, 2007, the  "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" movie will be released simultaneously in IMAX theaters.

The Indigo Grille will serve steaks, fresh fish, crab cakes and will seat 88 patrons at one time.  No fast food here, even the pizza sauce is made from scratch. 

You'll find no typical ticket booths at the Metro Cinema, but employees dressed in striking black uniforms that help you at a spacious counter.  Free valet parking is also offered. 
Bill Baldridge told LNO that he has young children and that his theater will always be a place the entire family can come, feel safe and enjoy movies in comfortable surroundings.  Patrons in coat and tie or casual can all feel at ease in the facility.  In planning to bring his vision to realty, Bill visited a number of theater concepts, including the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood.  Bill said that he wants his facility to provide 5 star treatment where visitors can have a great experience.  He pointed out that all the food served is prepared from scratch, even the buns for his giant hamburgers.  "I want to spoil customers," said Baldridge.  As one example of his plans to spoil customers is the comfort provided to moviegoers in any of his five premium theaters.  "Compare a theater sitting 350 to our theater with 170, we provide more comfort, more room, in a less crowded and more intimate atmosphere," explained Baldridge.

Various seating combinations include these intimate seats and booth areas that could accommodate an entire family.

In Baldridge's theater concept, everyone gets a first class seat.  There is plenty of leg room and a wireless button to order up snacks or food at your leisure, with no need to miss any of the movie.

Heather Fontenot, of the Metro Cinema Group, talks about some of the theater's features with Jamie Thibodeaux, (no my Louisiana friends and relatives, these two Cajun named beauties are actually in Colleyville not Lafayette). 

The view from the second story shows the spacious lobby and the friendly employees awaiting the guests.  The theater will soon have available private viewing rooms that can be utilized for meetings, power point presentations and even private movie showings.  Baldrige was granted the IMAX exclusive for a large area for 10 years.  He plans multiple cross promotions with IMAX to make his theaters a recognized entertainment destination.

If the other amenities haven't caught your attention, there is always the on site fully stocked bar area featuring multiple plasma screens and comfortable seating areas.  Patrons are welcomed to come early and have a cocktail or see a movie and gather afterwards with friends.  Moviegoers can even order up a mixed drink, food or snack items from their seats in the theater.

Bill Baldridge seen on far right with Colleyville's Economic Director Scott Welmaker, is the entrepreneur who visualized the concept and the city is fortunate that he selected Colleyville to launch his theater chain.

Click Here to see a copy of the current menu and wine list 
Experience this Baldridge movie palace is likely to have the biggest commercial impact in the history of Colleyville. 

This theater is truly a one of a kind and readers should make plans to come out before it gets discovered in the Metroplex because predictions are this place is going to hit big. Don't worry about parking, remember Free Valet Parking as well.

The Metro Cinema is open and showing movies even while some of the final touches are being finished.  For additional information and movie times visit the Metro Cinema website, Click Here.

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