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Grapevine High Ex Shown at Sundance
By Linda Baker

 Updated 06/09/13 04:54:47 PM   

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 September 15, 2007 Grapevine, Texas 
Aspiring Director is from Grapevine High School Class of 1997

Actor Jared Leto, whose profound performance as Chapman was hailed by media critics at the Park City, Utah event.
In January of this year, one of Grapevine High School's own graduates, Jarrett Schaefer, class of 1997, premiered his first directorial full length film, Chapter 27 at the Sundance Film Festival.

The script was also written entirely by Schaefer, and the film received substantial accolades from critics who viewed the ground-breaking depiction of the mental state of Mark David Chapman, in the days leading up the murder of former Beatle, John Lennon, in December, 1980.


Jarrett Schaefer, a Beatles fan himself, spent four years researching Chapman's steps while writing the Chapter 27 script before he was satisfied with a non-sensationalized account of the deranged killer's fateful actions. One of the producers of the film, Bob Salerno, said, "It was important to Jarrett that we didn't glorify this event."

In his directorial debut, Schaefer cast actor Jared Leto, whose profound performance as Chapman was hailed by media critics at the Park City, Utah event. The story reveals the three days in New York City that Chapman spent in the bitter cold, attempting to emulate a fictional character, Holden Caulfield, from J. D. Salinger's novel, "Catcher In the Rye"...Chapter 27 gets its title from the Salinger novel which has 26 chapters. Chapman mentally collapsed from fanatical devotion into the delusional stalker who destroyed the artist he worshipped.

Peace Arch Entertainment, the Canadian film distributor who funded the movie, is debuting the film in Japan in December and has tentatively scheduled the first Chapter 27 release into American theater markets in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York between October and December, 2007. Hopefully the major release into the Texas market will happen soon after, because we all will sure be glad to go out and see the movie for ourselves!

Jarrett Schaefer, who will be in Zurich next month to promote his film, is currently working with author Roger Kahn on the screenplay version of Kahn's book, "A Flame of Pure Power, Jack Dempsey and the Roaring Twenties."

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