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Raley's AUL Press Release
 Updated 06/09/13 04:55:45 PM   

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November 21, 2009

The Complete Copy of Raley's American United Logistics January 2009


American United Logistics signs long term land agreement in the Port of Umm Qaser-South Port, Iraq. American United Logistics (AUL), the Director General of the General Company for Ports in Iraq and the Port Manager of Umm Qaser agreed to a two year lease agreement with multiple option periods on AUL’s existing 3.85 million square foot facility in Umm Qaser South Port, Iraq. The ribbon cutting ceremony marked a monumental day not only for Iraq but also for the Department of Defense. Currently AUL receives, stores, prepares for onward movement, and transports over 1,500 pieces of US sustainment and Iraqi Foreign Military Sales (FMS) cargo per month on behalf of (8) eight shipping companies in their facility in Umm Qaser-South Port.

Umm Qaser, Iraq January 25, 2009 Mr. Richard Raley, President & CEO (AUL) and Mr. Todd C. Robbins, Executive Vice President & COO (AUL) hosted Captain Salah Khdair Abood (Director General, General Company for Ports in Iraq) Mr. Talib Abdullah Bayish (Port Manager- Umm Qaser), Mr. Maytaham Mishkilalak (Deputy Port Manager/South Port Manager), and senior ranking Iraqi Army Officials in a ribbon cutting ceremony marking their leasing agreement with the Port of Umm Qaser at the entrance of the AUL facility. The ceremony was attended by over 75 dignitaries, Iraqi Army officials, local officials and business owners.

The two year agreement (with option periods) will ensure the U.S-flag shipping companies AUL represents will have uninterrupted services at the Port of Umm Qaser­South Port. Umm Qaser-South Port is beginning a multi­year transformation into a world-class seaport. During the ceremony, Captain Abood also agreed to provide AUL with an additional 1.5 million square feet of land adjacent to their existing facility. “The lease agreement and land expansion will not only serve as a dedicated staging area for import and export DoD shipments but it will be the foundation for multiple commercial opportunities in Umm Qaser” said Mr. Robbins. “We look forward to what the future has to offer the people of Iraq, the U.S. shipping companies, the Department of Defense and American United Logistics.” 

American United Logistics established in 2003 provides dedicated, reliable, economical, and quality logistics & distribution services to our customers throughout the Middle East. We take great pride in our strategic relationships with the leading maritime and logistics service providers in the world. The combined capacities and capabilities of these arrangements ensure the ability to provide the client “door to door” distribution services in the region. AUL’s core competencies lie in surface transportation private security escort teams, stevedoring & related terminal services, container repair, freight forwarding, and industrial engineering. AUL is also contracted by the DoD to provide Third Party Logistics (3PL) services in the Port of Umm Qaser.

AUL is directly impacting the Iraqi people both socially and economically. AUL contracted in excess of $43 million dollars worth of transportation, security, port operations, and ancillary services solely provided by Iraqi companies. It is anticipated FY2009 will increase another 25%. AUL employs and/or contracts over 1,000 personnel in Iraq resulting in the overall employment of 3,500 individuals and an economic impact to over 39,000 people. (*multiplier effect provided by DoD Iraqi Task Force, Mr. Paul Brinkley OSD)

Over the past 18 months, AUL has successfully delivered over 25,000 pieces of cargo from their facility in South Port and throughout the country of Iraq. AUL provides transportation services with contracted private security which has decreased the number of US Soldiers required to perform convoy security in Iraq for the shipments handled by AUL. AUL is the proud recipient of multiple awards including the

National Defense Transportation Association Superior Service Award and the Military Surface Deployment Distribution Quality Service Award.


Richard Raley w. Captain Abood


Nelson Thibodeaux, Editor
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