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Colleyville Arrests
by Linda Baker

 Updated 06/09/13 04:56:15 PM   

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May 01, 2010 Colleyville, Texas
Arrests in Colleyville
by Linda Baker

The following is the Booking Report for arrestees checked in through the Colleyville Justice Center jail facility for the period between April 20, 2010 and April 29, 2010. *Note: All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Names in Bold Type were arrested on new drug or alcohol related charges:

Note: Considering the long period taken to clear most cases through the court system, LNO does not have the ability to track the eventual outcome of every arrest. If you or someone you know has been reported arrested in this weekly column and subsequently been cleared of the charges inform LNO with verifiable information. LNO will provide equal coverage to same.
JOSHUA CYLE PIPKIN, 17, of 905 Brazos Drive in Southlake.  Colleyville PD - DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED.  Arrested at 4900 Jackson Road at 3:45 AM on 4/24/10 by Officer Tanner Mahan.  Pipkin said he is Unemployed.  His Mercedes Benz was towed.  Pre-Trial Release at 8:40 AM on 4/26/10.
ANDRES PADILLA, 18, of 2301 Danbury Drive in Colleyville.  Colleyville PD - Driving Under the Influence-Minor.  Arrested at 5000 Overhill Drive at 1:24 AM on 4/24/10 by Officer Derrick Castleberry.  Padilla listed his occupation as Student at Colleyville Heritage High School.  His Hummer H2 was towed.  Released at 2:44 AM on 4/24/10.
RACHEL MICHELLE JOHNSON, 24, of 3608 Shady Brook Drive in Bedford.  Colleyville PD - DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED.  Arrested at 4100 Bridlewood at 7:48 PM on 4/21/10 by Detective Bob Etheridge.  Johnson listed her occupation as Clerical at STW Inc.  Her Nissan Frontier was towed.  Bonded out at 11:26 AM on 4/22/10.

HECTOR OSCAR MOLINA, 45, of 5486 Pool Road in Colleyville.  Colleyville PD - Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence.  Arrested at 5486 Pool Road at 7:45 PM on 4/24/10 by Detective Bob Etheridge.  Molina listed his occupation as self-employed Physician, Molina Medical Clinic in Irving.  Released at 12:35 AM on 4/25/10.



CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH WILSON, 17, of 715 Bear Run Drive in Grapevine.  Colleyville PD - Possession of Marijuana Under 2 OZ in a Drug Free Zone.  Arrested at 5401 Heritage Avenue at 1:45 PM on 4/20/10 by School Resource Officer Gary Moore.  Tarrant County Sheriffs Office Bond; released at 10:19 AM on 4/21/10.

Photo no available at posting. HOUSTON CHASE FIELDS, 18, of 921 Nottingham in North Richland Hills.  Colleyville PD - Possession of Marijuana Under 2 OZ, Outstanding Warrant(s).  Arrested at 1700 John McCain Road at 12:35 AM on 4/23/10 by Officer Toby Sims.  Bond; released at 6:20 AM on 4/23/10.


TARIKKA LASHELLE COLLINS, Colleyville PD - Soliciting Without a Permit.  Charged at 8:29 PM on 4/29/10 by Officer Derrick Castleberry.  Time Served; released at 8:35 AM on 4/30/10.

MICHAEL L. SCOTT, Colleyville PD - Soliciting Without a Permit.  Charged at 7:47 PM on 4/29/10 by Officer Derrick Castleberry.  Time Served; released at 8:30 AM on 4/30/10.

THOMAS LEROY BATY Jr., 36, of 6808 Shalimar in Colleyville.  Colleyville PD Citations for Liability Insurance Proof, No Turn Signals When Required at 5000 Colleyville Boulevard, and Outstanding Warrant(s).  Charged at 8:53 PM on 4/26/10 by Officer Patrick Starrett.  Paid Bond; released at 9:08 PM on 4/26/10.

AARON ARMAS, 34, of 2333 Prince in Fort Worth.  Colleyville PD Citiations for No Drivers License, Expired License Plate, Cutting Across Parking Lot, Vehicle Without Equipment/Unsafe Equipment at 4400 Collelyville Boulevard.  Fort Worth PD Warrant for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, No Drivers License.  Arrested at 9:04 AM on 4/26/10 by Officer John Arenz.  Released to Fort Worth Marshals Officer at 3:15 PM on 4/27/10.


KYLE BRANDON WILLIAMS, Colleyville PD - Racing on Highway.  Cahrged at 12:06 AM on 4/25/10 by Officer Derrick Castleberry.  Tarrant County Sheriffs Office Bond; released at 12:17 PM on 4/25/10.


JIOVANNI ALVAREZ-MORALES, Colleyville PD Warrants for Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection, No Seatbelt-Passenger, Failure To Appear (2).  Charged at 11:23 PM on 4/23/10 by Officer Tanner Mahan.  Bond; released at 11:41 AM on 4/24/10.


RILEY FRANK TAYLOR III, Colleyville PD - Outstanding Warrant(s).  Charged at 5:35 PM on 4/23/10 by Officer John Fossett.  Time Served; released at 7:10 PM on 4/24/10.


JAMES CODY MORELAND, Colleyville PD - Driving While License Suspended/Invalid.  Charged at 2:14 PM on 4/23/10 by Officer John Retzos.  Bond; released at 1:55 PM on 4/24/10.


CHRISTOPHER LAYNE GRIFFIN, 28, of 7308 Holiday Lane in North Richland Hills.  Colleyville PD Citations for Speeding, Expired Operators License, Liability Insurance Proof at 1700 Cheek Sparger Road and Outstanding Warrant(s).  Charged at 3:47 AM on 4/23/10 by Officer Derrick Castleberry.  Bond; released at 5:20 PM on 4/23/10.


Nelson Thibodeaux, Editor
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