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Colleyville Rotary Club
 is 25
by Nelson Thibodeaux
 Updated 05/25/13 06:54:59 PM

June 25, 2011 Colleyville, Texas
Rotary Club Celebrates 25 Years in Colleyville
This Tuesday at noon, the Rotary Club of Colleyville will meet at Rugerri’s Ristorante on Village Lane in Colleyville to install officers and directors for the year 2011-2012. The club traces its history back to January 30, 1986 when a Rotary Club was first started in Colleyville. Its first president was Dr. Louis Miller. Miller, a Colleyville dentist, will be honored Tuesday as their first president as the new officers for the Rotary Year 2011-2012 are installed. Past District Governor of Rotary International, Walt Milner, of Colleyville will officiate at the ceremony.

Jason Ellis, Frost Bank, will be the incoming President, replacing outgoing President Don Hanna, CPA Pineider, Ford & Assoc. The Colleyville club has had a very successful year. Their Dance For the Stars event at Colleyville Center in February has become the premier fundraising event in Colleyville. In addition to that event, the Colleyville Club partners with the Colleyville Boy Scouts to put out the American Flags on flag days for subscribing merchants along Colleyville’s prime commercial area.

Proceeds from the Rotary Club of Colleyville activities benefit the Grapevine-Colleyville Education Foundation, scholarships, police and fire projects, Colleyville Library Foundation, Youth Leadership and Boy Scouts. Through the parent Rotary International organization, the club benefits international projects like Polio eradication, wheel chairs, clean water, student exchange, teacher exchange and vocational exchange.

At the 64 club Rotary District Conference last month at the Hurst Convention Center, the Rotary Club of Colleyville was awarded third place for Vocational Service, second place for International Service and first place for Community Service. In addition, the club was awarded third place for the coveted Avenues of Service. Rotary Club of Colleyville Past President Jon Bullock took top honors in the district by being named “District Rotarian of the Year.” “It has indeed been a good year for the Rotary Club of Colleyville,” said Colleyville Police Officer Raymon Cannon who is club President Elect 2012-2013.

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