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 Updated 05/25/13 06:55:12 PM

April 28, 2012  Southlake, Texas
by Nelson Thibodeaux
Southlake Ranked Among Best Cities in Texas and US
The City of Southlake has been ranked as one of the best cities to live in Texas by AreaVibes, an online city information provider. Among 1,215 incorporated cities within the state of Texas, the City of Southlake was ranked by AreaVibes as the #9 best place to live. Nationally, AreaVibes ranked Southlake within the top 20 cities to live.

AreaVibes’ scoring system is based on a mathematical algorithm that takes into consideration metrics such as cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, health, safety, housing, weather, transportation, and local businesses. The City of Southlake received an overall “AreaVibe” score of 90/100.

According to AreaVibes, everyone from locals to tourists planning a vacation can use the site to lookup demographic information for approximately 15,000 cities.


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