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October 31, 2003

Karen Lucchesi Series - One Day in December When A Federal Agent Masquerades a Visit to La Plaza by Nelson Thibodeaux

Karen Lucchesi
Lucchesi met Gonzalez, the DEA agent, twice and for only a few minutes during each visit to her La Plaza Center.

This article covers the first government sting contact with Anand Alloju, Karen Lucchesi's attorney and friend. You will read surveillance summaries involving approximately 10 federal agents tailing Alloju and observing his movements from his home, to his office, to La Plaza, to restaurants, hotels and topless bars.

The two visits by the federal agent with Lucchesi include government transcripts from the wired agent. See if you feel this evidence would prove a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt against Lucchesi.

Finally, Alloju gets busted with $500,000 at a Grapevine hotel.

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The genesis of the DEA sting operation started on June 11, 2002 at approximately 4:45 PM when Anand Alloju received a call on his cell phone regarding a friend "who wants to launder drug proceeds.". Click Here for a DEA copy of that recorded telephone contact.  The information in this article is taken from the U.S. Department of Justice DEA "Report of Investigation" forms unless another source is specifically credited.  The report indicates basically that Gonzalez contacted Alloju because he had been referred by a "snitch."

Some excerpts of transcripts were selected and determined solely by the author from the government's interpretation of the poor quality tapes. Those excerpts do not necessarily reflect the entire conversation and there may be gaps in time within the conversation as noted in this article.  Full PDF files are also available on the Lucchesi visits. 

In every case of meetings between the DEA agent and others, a separate  surveillance team report is included about observations from a nearby vehicle. While not being able to apparently hear any conversations, their role appears to be to confirm the agent actually showed up at a location, and speculating here, to give backup in case of problems.

When reading from the Government transcripts the legend is.  A = Alloju G = Gonzalez L= Lucchesi (unintel) = unintelligible 


June 13, 2002 DEA Report

DEA investigation reports begin again on June 13, 2002 when Alloju meets undercover DEA Agent Gonzalez for the first time.  The report says that the Dallas Field Division "formulated plans to negotiate a $20,000 money laundering transaction" and that Agent Gonzalez "equipped himself with an electronic transmitting device for safety and corroboration of evidence."

The June 13th report goes on to say that at approximately 3:00 pm Gonzales entered the law offices of Anand Moulin Alloju. The two discussed money laundering and money laundering techniques.  Gonzales told Alloju the money is "from cocaine and marijuana sales."  Gonzales asked Alloju how he could "clean" the money.  Alloju stated he would represent Gonzalez in a fictitious case and the drug proceeds given to him would be a down payment on legal fees.  Alloju said he would document that services were no longer needed and he then would return the drug proceeds minus a commission.  Gonzalez told Alloju he did not need legal services.  Alloju said he knows that but would make up a case.  After about a week, Alloju said he would then wire transfer the drug proceeds to an account or accounts of Gonzalez or write numerous checks.  Alloju wanted 10% for his services but Gonzalez said that was too much and the two negotiated a commission fee of 8% per transaction.

Alloju wanted to know how much an ounce of cocaine costs because "he had some girlfriends who used cocaine." Gonzalez told him $800 an ounce.  Alloju then gave Gonzalez his business card with his personal cell number and told Gonzalez to call him when he was ready.

The conversation turns to Gonzalez and his role in the transactions.

A.  See the thing about this is that I'm not gonna do anything if someone's being watched.

G. No, I'm not being watched. No, uh, I watch. I got eyes in the back of my head, I've been doing this, long time.  My dad, he's in Mexico, the marijuana, the marijuana he does, the friends with the "coke" in Mexico, you know coco, so I go or my friends go and bring it back up so my dad, and me, and my cousins, and that's all.

June 17, 2002 DEA Report

At approximately 10:40 am Gonzalez goes to the law offices of Alloju in Fort Worth.  The secretary tells Gonzalez that Alloju is with a client.  Gonzalez contacts his "snitch" and tells him to call Alloju to find out when he wants to conduct the transaction.

At 11:30 am Gonzalez and the snitch go back. Gonzalez tells Alloju he brought a bag with $20,000 in it from cocaine sales. During the conversation Gonzalez tells Alloju that he is a cocaine trafficker in Chicago and the Midwest.  Alloju wants to know why does Alloju want to launder money in the Dallas area.  Gonzalez tells Alloju because he is an attorney it would seen inconspicuous.  Alloju said he handles large amounts of cash in his accounts, therefore no need for suspicion from banks or police.  Gonzalez emptied $20,000 in cash on Alloju's desk and gives him two account numbers and wiring information.  Gonzalez instructs Alloju to wire $6,000 and write two checks for $6,200 each.  During the conversation Gonzalez tells Alloju the $6,000 is to a company that he owes money to.
June 19, 2002 DEA Report

Gonzalez meets Alloju in his 7th Street Fort Worth office and picked up two checks made out for $12,400. Both checks were drawn on the Bank of America. One check was a cashier's check the other from Alloju's trust account. Alloju had deposited  $6,000 to an account in the name of Star Video and kept $1,600 commission.

From the government transcript of this meeting:

G. (referring to the next transaction) ...I can do 50, or I can do 100.

A. If you wanna do 100, that's fine.

G. We do 50 from different checks (unintel) accounts, because we get check from you then, with a date another check from you..

A. I don't have another account.

G. Can you open an account for me?

A. You want to do 100 right? (unintel) 95 times whatever (unintel) 1,2...I have three accounts, okay (unintel).

G. (unintel).

A. Yeah (unintel) a whole new law degree.

G. The people we used before used different banks, buy you cannot take from same account.

A. (unintel) How many only one wire from my account.

A. I can do a wire and a check, (unintel) wire fee 25 bucks (unintel).

G. And maybe open 1 or 2 more?

A. (unintel) I can open a couple of more.

G. I have people. they help me.

A. I don't f%#@ around...I can't afford to lose my law license.

July 30, 2002 DEA Report of a Telephone Conversation Between Gonzalez and Alloju 

From government transcript.

G. Ah that's okay. Look, I told unh, I got the hundred, okay?

A. Okay.

G. Now you say you wanna do half?

A. Yeah we can do half, (unintel).

G. Oh okay, well I'll call you Thursday.  I'll call you Thursday (unintel) okay?

A. Sounds good!

August 1-2, 2002 DEA Report
At 6:30 PM Gonzalez calls Alloju on his cell phone to make sure he was still available to pick up $100,000.  Alloju said he was planning to meet but not until later in the evening.  Gonzales told Alloju he would get a hotel room and call with the number.

At 8:10 PM Alloju contacts Gonzalez and says he is going to be two hours late.  They are to meet at the LaQuinta Inn on North Watson Road in Arlington.

At 10:47 PM Alloju shows up in his silver Mercedes-Benz convertible and Gonzalez gives Alloju $20,000 in $100 dollar bills, and $40,000 each in $50s and $20s. At 11:45 PM the two finished counting the money and Alloju leaves with the $100,000 in a gym bag.
August 12, 2002 DEA Report

At 6:00 PM Gonzalez calls Alloju on the cell phone to arrange a meeting around 7:30 pm concerning laundering the $100,000.  Alloju said he would bring four or five checks. The DEA establishes surveillance at a Jack-in-the-Box in Euless and at the Alloju residence in Bedford.  Agents tail Alloju to the Jack-in-the-Box at 9:23 PM where he meets Gonzalez.  Alloju gives Gonzalez four checks from 
Alloju accounts for $38,200. 
August 15, 2002 DEA Report
 Gonzalez meets with Alloju at his law office in Fort Worth at 11:30 AM to pick up two checks for approximately $20,200.
August 19, 2002 DEA Report
Gonzalez meets Alloju at 2:00 PM at his office to pick up a check for $14,620.
August 20, 2002 DEA Report
Gonzalez meets Alloju at the Hooter's Restaurant at 9:07 PM in Grapevine to pick up two checks to complete the remaining original $92,000 ($100,000 less Alloju's 8%).
From previous transcripts between Gonzalez and Alloju, the conversation becomes strained because Gonzalez wants Alloju to get access to "10 to 12" additional checking account. Alloju said he doesn't have that many accounts and can't open that many. Gonzalez presses Alloju if he knows anyone else that has active checking accounts.  At one point Alloju indicates he doesn't want to f#%@* with the deal anymore, but Gonzalez presses him to take care of business.

Alloju mentions that he knows a lady in Colleyville that owns a business with multiple accounts.  Gonzalez encourages Alloju to set up a meeting.

According to Lucchesi, Alloju tells her that he has the "rich playboy type" from Monterey.  Lucchesi says Alloju mentions that this guy may be interested in making you a bridge loan.  

Alloju tells Lucchesi that he would like her to "accommodate" his friend by allowing him to paid some bills through her account.  According to Lucchesi, Alloju infers that Gonzalez wants to keep certain transactions out of his account so his wife doesn't find out because some expenditures involve his "girlfriend."
August 29, 2002 DEA Report
Surveillance is established on La Plaza in Colleyville where at 6:00 PM a car is observed arriving with Alloju driving and Lewis (Lucchesi's married name) in the passenger's seat.  At 6:48 PM Gonzales arrives at the La Plaza Wellness Center.

Gonzalez is wired for audio and the government makes a transcript for the trial.

Gonzalez leaves La Plaza at 7:31 PM, the transcript is 24 pages long.

The initial pages are limited to discussions while Lucchesi shows Gonzalez around her facility including the Event Center, Spa and Cafes.
Gonzalez talks about having his girlfriend come to the spa.  Gonzalez says he likes the limo and Lucchesi tells him it can be rented and she will give him a discount.  On page 8 Gonzalez, referring to the limo says that he likes the idea.

L. Yeah, we pick up and that, (unintel).

G. I like that, that's good.  Yeah, we do that cause me and Ani have a good thing going now.

L. Sure

A. Alright, hey (unintel), we'll talk to you later.

L. Ok, well nice meeting you.

G. Nice to meet you.

L. OK, take care.

This exchange in the first 8 pages could be the only thing said remotely involved with activities between Gonzalez and Alloju. Limited to a comment that the two "have a good thing going now." 

Gonzalez and Alloju walk away and the conversation continues.

A. (Unintel) She knows the whole thing, she knows that, she knows what we're talking about, whatever.

G. Yeah?

A. (Unintel) I mean, I can let you (unintel) talk about it or whatever, so...

G. Naw, will we can, I need to talk to her, I need to talk with her...

A. OK.

At this point Alloju goes to get Karen and the three meet outside at one of the two patio tables.  The transcript does not reflect that it is impossible to understand some of the conversation because of traffic noise.  Nor does it distinguish Lucchesi's voice when she is in conversation with the two men or when she is actually talking on the cell phone to others.

This is one of two transcripts referred by the government's exhibit.  However, according to Lucchesi, the jury was not allowed to actually hear any audio or see any video of the actual meetings.  The transcripts from page 9- 24 are available on PDF below, the first 8 pages has conversations solely about the facility during a tour that Lucchesi provided to Gonzalez.  Lucchesi told LNO that Gonzalez had been represented to her by Alloju as a potential investor for a $300,000 bridge loan.

Note the handwriting "phone" are notations by Lucchesi.  She says, to her recollection, while the transcripts aren't clear, she was actually speaking to someone else on her cell phone but her voice was being picked up by the Gonzalez wire.

When looking at the PDF, note that page 1 will be the actual page 9 of the transcript because the first 8 pages were insignificant and not included.  The transcript page is listed on the bottom right of each page.

Below are highlights from various pages.

Page 9 Transcripts notes all three are outside.  The actual audio tape included background street noise and obviously conversations by Lucchesi not directed at the two men.  LNO staff heard the tapes and re-recorded on a digital recorder.  However, the quality was so poor that it was impossible to transfer to the news site for readers to hear. Lucchesi stated that references to her checking accounts had to do with the "accommodation" that Alloju mentioned to her. Lucchesi said that Alloju inferred that Gonzalez, being the Monterrey playboy, simply asked if he could pay some bills through her because he did not have accounts established and didn't want his wife to know about certain expenditures.  None of the transcripts with Lucchesi includes Gonzalez or Alloju telling Lucchesi she would receive any funds for this "accommodation."

Page 10   Lucchesi states on this page that Alloju handles her business in matters of this kind. 

Page 11 Lucchesi pointed out that her responses limited to "yeah" in most cases, where actually responses to someone on the cell phone and that a video tape would clearly show her speaking on the telephone.

Page 18 The name Frank Lucchesi comes up and Gonzalez makes statements that indicate he knows that Lucchesi is a well-known national name associated with baseball.

Page 19 Gonzalez obviously already knew the Frank Lucchesi connection because he now indicates how impressed his dad was when he told him about the fact he was going to meet with Karen, Frank Lucchesi's daughter. 

Page 20 Lucchesi walks off to get a business card at the request of Special Agent Gonzalez who then talks about Karen Lucchesi to Alloju, stating that he thinks she is attractive and asking her age.  Alloju says he is going to handle everything and run this s@%# right through.

Page 21-24 In the absence of Lucchesi, Gonzalez says "Lucchesi knows?" and Alloju says she knows, an obvious reference to the laundering.  However,  Alloju obviously wants to end any conversation about the laundering matter when he says, "She knows, here she comes."  Lucchesi begins to talk about the spa and giving Gonzalez a big discount for his wife or girlfriend. Any additional remarks of Lucchesi concern spa discussions.

Click Here to see the August 29, 2002 Government transcript of this meeting in PDF.

September 12-13, 2002 DEA Report
Gonzales meets Alloju at a Subway in the building of Alloju's Fort Worth office and provides him $20,000 cash to launder.  Alloju walks out with the money in a green backpack. On September 13th Gonzalez picks up three checks on Alloju accounts to launder the funds, less Alloju's commission.
November 19, 2002 DEA Report
Gonzalez calls Alloju on his cell phone to see if Alloju was still available to pick up $99,900 in cash.  Alloju meets Gonzales at the LaQuinta Inn on North Watson Road in Arlington that evening.  Surveillance on Alloju says he arrives at 9:30 pm.  After counting the money at 10:11 pm Alloju leaves the room with the money in a gym bag and walks to his Mercedes.

At 10:13 pm Alloju drives to the adjacent Bennigans and meets an unknown white male.  The two get in Alloju's Mercedes and the surveillance team tails the two until they arrive at the Fantasy Ranch topless bar at 10:42 pm.  

At 11:43 pm the two leave Fantasy Ranch and return to the Bennigans where the other white male has left his car.  A surveillance team tails Alloju to his Bedford home where he arrives at 12:06 am.
November 22, 2002 DEA Report
Alloju calls Gonzalez and tells him to pick up checks for $92,000 at his office at 11:00 am. Alloju meets Gonzalez in the Subway and provides him with 12 checks drawn on various Alloju Bank of America accounts.
December 10, 2002 Government Exhibit N-41 a government transcript of telephone conversation between Gonzalez and Alloju

Gonzalez initiates the call to Alloju and tells him he is coming in on the weekend.  Gonzalez says he is calling Alloju because he want to get together with Karen (Lucchesi).

Gonzalez says he talked to his uncle and that he wants to do only $20,000 since it will be Karen's first time.  Alloju tells him he can do that real quick, "it is nothing."    Gonzalez indicates that is what he wants. Then Alloju confirms that Gonzalez wants this transaction to be on Karen's accounts.
A. Ah, you just want it through that account though, right?

G. Huh?

A. Through her account, right?

G. Yeah, do uh, a couple of her accounts, two or three accounts.

A. OK, that's fine.
Gonzalez pushes to meet Karen and wants to know from Alloju when they can meet. When Alloju seems uncertain of Lucchesi's schedule, Gonzalez tells him to call Karen and call him back.  Gonzalez then wants to know if everything is ok with Karen.

G. But, she's OK with everything, right?

A. Yeah.

G. OK, OK, we can do that, um.

A. I mean, cause, (unintel.) it, if that's the amount you're looking at, man, hell that's in and out in one day type.

Gonzalez then tells Alloju to tell Karen that "I want to sent my little girlfriend over." They agreed Alloju will call back.

December 11, 2002 Government Exhibit N-42 a government transcript of telephone conversation between Gonzalez and Karen Lucchesi

Gonzalez initiates a call to Lucchesi and asks if she remembers him.  Lucchesi said she remembers meeting him through Ani (Alloju). Gonzalez asks if Alloju has talked to her and Lucchesi says yes and they were supposed to get together tomorrow to make arrangements or do some work for Gonzalez.

Gonzalez tells Lucchesi that he told Ani that he was going to call just to say hi.  Lucchesi says that Ani in in charge of everything. Then Gonzalez seems to stumble around with that response and changes the subject.
G. And, uh, wanna, wanna you know, wanna go meet you and maybe you know...

L. Yeah

G. say Hi and do that, and also I want to send my girlfriend over some time next week..


G. She can do some stuff there.

L. Yeah, well let's definitely, when we meet tomorrow I'll give you a little package sheet and we'll work...

G. Yeah.

L. something out.
G. Yeah, we'll do that, but uh, tomorrow (unitel), I'll call Ani today and so we can do that tomorrow, uh..

L. OK.

G. We're talking, maybe, maybe twenty, to do twenty now, you know tomorrow.

L. OK, well, that, that'll be, that'll be easy.

G. Yeah, so we can do that real quick...

L. Yeah.
G. and next time we...

L. Yeah.

G. do more than that.

L. Yeah, we can yeah we can do that and have that back by Friday.

G. OK, that by Friday, that be great Karen.

L. Yeah, we'll do that by the next day.

G. Well, I won't cash, I won't, uh, cash any checks till you tell me.

L. Yeah

G. OK?

L. that will be fine, OK.

Gonzalez tells her he will call her later, but there are no other transcripts evident of any other calls.

December 12, 2002 Government Exhibit N-47 is a transcript of meeting at La Plaza Wellness Center in Colleyville between Gonzalez, Lucchesi and Alloju.
The full 18 page transcript can be read in PDF with the link below.

Gonzalez arrives first waits on Alloju then they enter La Plaza and greet Lucchesi. The group exchanged small talk until Lucchesi is called away.
Notes from transcript.

Page 2 Gonzalez waits until Lucchesi leaves the room and asks Alloju if she knows.  Gonzalez tells Alloju that his uncle wants her checks and no more of Alloju's.

Page 3 Alloju says he will use some of his account and Gonzalez says again his uncle only wants checks from her, that "they can mix them up later."  Gonzalez asks how many checks he will have for him today and Alloju says that "I didn't write them out yet."

Page 4 Alloju says Lucchesi signed the checks but he hasn't written them out yet.  Money is counted.  Lucchesi returns.

Page 5 Gonzalez says "it's a little one" and Lucchesi points to Alloju and says whatever he says then proceeds to talk about spa business.

Page 6 Gonzalez asks Lucchesi if she does drugs and a disjointed conversation takes place where Lucchesi seems to be changing the subject away from drugs.  Lucchesi told LNO that she was uncomfortable talking about drugs especially with an individual that she thought was considering making her a large loan for her business.

Page 7 What can be best described as "cryptic" conversations about five hundred and ambiguous references. 

Page 8 Lucchesi starts talking about Christmas cookies in her facility.

Page 9 Sketchy conversation including comments about the checks being in the car and Lucchesi saying "yeah."

Page 10 Gonzalez and Alloju walk to his car and discuss writing checks.  Gonzalez tells Alloju that his uncle is nervous about Karen and Alloju says, yeah but he trusts me a little bit more.

Page 11 Gonzalez and Alloju are in his car with Alloju writing checks.  Gonzalez asks Alloju if Karen knows how much he is making.  Alloju says, "I don't want to talk to her about money because she very f#$# greedy."

Page 12 Alloju continues to discuss Lucchesi and tells Gonzalez that she owes him lots of money.  Alloju says Lucchesi is getting nothing, he is keeping her portion to collect the money because, "I need to get f#$*##@ paid now."

Page 14
Gonzalez tells Alloju that Karen looked a little nervous.  Alloju says he is the attorney, he is the one that should be nervous.

Page 16
Alloju wants to know when they are going to do the $500,000.

Page 17
After Alloju writes the checks Gonzalez walks back into the spa and briefly exchanges small talk with Karen Lucchesi.  Lucchesi talks about spa packages and gift baskets and on Page 18 they say goodbyes.

Click Here to see the entire government transcript in PDF.

It should be noted that Gonzalez insisted that Alloju do the checks on a Lucchesi checking account.  These accounts had been in existence and provide better cover.

Government Exhibits N-43, N-44 and N-45 were photos of the three checks that Alloju gave Gonzalez on December 12, 2002 to launder the $20,000, less his 8% commission.

Gonzalez does not question why Alloju is giving him three temporary checks on accounts allegedly opened years ago. All three checks drawn on Wells Fargo Bank.

1.) From account ending 141 Bank Check #1001 for $6,360.
2.) From account ending 437 Bank Check #1001 for $8,200.
3.) From account ending 264 Bank Check #1001 for $3,840.

In the DEA follow up report by Agent Gonzalez for this date he wrote that this meeting and evidence was confirmation of Lucchesi's involvement and that during this meeting it was established that Lucchesi had full knowledge, involvement and agreement to laundering money. The reader should review the full transcript from that date and assume that this was the only information available, determine if this met the high accusation standards as concluded by Gonzalez.

January 20, 2003
Lucchesi tells LNO that Alloju was supposed to tell her if Gonzalez needed and used the "accommodation."  In a routine examination of checks, Lucchesi spots a temporary check for $3,840 made out to Star Video.  She said that she had staff call to find out what they purchased for that amount of money.  Star Video said they had no idea what she was talking about.

Lucchesi Files a fraud report of stolen checks with the bank on this date.

Click Here to see first page, Click Here to see second page.

A copy of the check can be seen by Clicking Here.

Lucchesi says she had no idea that Alloju had temporary checks and that the signature is not hers. Later the bank stated that they would not cover the check because Alloju had a Power of Attorney on file.

After it became evident that the government was going to target Lucchesi, she obtained two letters explaining what happen when she discovered the checks.

Click Here for Lewis Letter Click Here for Crosby Letter.

February 13, 2003 DEA Report
Gonzalez contacts Alloju and said he needed to talk.  The DEA establishes surveillance at the Outback Restaurant in Grapevine where at 7:25 pm Alloju arrives in his Mercedes Benz.

Gonzalez asks Alloju if he is capable of laundering $500,000 of illegal drug proceeds.  Alloju stated he and Karen would not have a problem

Alloju also stated his wife was leery of the situation and that she thought that Gonzalez was law enforcement. Alloju sated he told his wife Gonzalez was not law enforcement and that he (Alloju) was a good judge of character.  Alloju stated his wife was just paranoid.  Alloju said he wanted Gonzalez to provide new business accounts to better elude bank officials to avoid questions about deposits.  Alloju stated he had new accounts and obtained checks for existing business accounts he had not used in a while.  Alloju agreed to conduct the $500,000 transaction.
March 6 , 2002 DEA Report
At 5:00 pm at the Baymont Inn in Grapevine surveillance teams have been established to observe and record the money laundering transaction between Gonzalez and Alloju.

At 9:50 pm Gonzalez calls Alloju on his cell phone to check his whereabouts.  Alloju says he is in the area and arrives at 9:54 pm.

At 9:58pm a Federal Search Warrant is served at the Alloju residence. Where Alloju's wife Lisa (who turns out was right about Gonzalez)  is detained during the search.  Recovered were bank statements and check books including one belonging to Karen Lucchesi on Chase Bank. It should be noted that Lisa Alloju made the $20,000 deposits into Lucchesi's accounts pertaining to the December 12th laundering scheme.

At 10:05 pm another Agent Rodriguez arrives at the room with a maroon and black gym bag containing $500,000 cash.  Gonzalez and Alloju count the money and at 11:33 pm Gonzalez assists Alloju in putting the $500,000 back into the gym back and Alloju proceeds to leave the room.

Federal agents arrest Alloju and take the bag from him.  At 11:35 pm Alloju is brought back into the room by another federal agent and an oral warning is given to Alloju and he is asked if he wants to give a statement.

Alloju stated that he knew that there was $500,000 in the gym bag and that his client, Gonzalez, wanted him to launder the money.  Alloju stated he never laundered money with his client Gonzalez.  Alloju stated that he was scared and that he was going to take the money to a U.S. Attorney or to some attorney friends of his to have the money turned over to the proper authorities.  Alloju stated he knew that laundering money was illegal but did not know what to do with all the money.

At 11:49pm  Alloju was transported by DEA personnel to the Dallas Field Division where he was processed.

Part of the evidence seized was a Wells Fargo check book for an account belonging to "Karen Lewis" and a deposit ticket to her account ending with 141(first noted above).

LNO is awaiting final copies for digital Internet processing of a number of actual video surveillance tapes, including the fateful December 12th at La Plaza and the final take down of Alloju.  The next series will include this information and copies of polygraph tests taken by Lucchesi.

Emails or letters in support of Lucchesi will be forwarded to her parole officer, who will make recommendations to Judge McBryde.  Anyone wishing to urge that Lucchesi be given an opportunity to remain free on bond during her appeal may send comments to LNO and have them forwarded to the appropriate party.  Local business leaders that would like to show support are encouraged to write on your letter head and send to LNO, PO Box 332, Colleyville, Texas 76034.  Anyone that wishes to assist Lucchesi in any other fashion may also contact LNO and the information will be forwarded.  CLICK HERE to Contact LNO on behalf of Karen Lucchesi. Readers are always welcomed to submit "emails to the editor" as well on any subject matter to LNO.

In the near future LNO will provide copies of some of the emails received on behalf of Lucchesi that have been forwarded to her parole officer making recommendations to Judge McBryde.  However, the sender's name will be redacted to protect their identity.



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