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As a local business serving Northeast Tarrant county cities, Local News Only encourages readers in the local area to support other local businesses.  
This section has links to news articles that include one on one interviews with local business owners.  We hope that our readers will get to know, appreciate and support businesses that are owned by our mutual neighbors. 
November 26, 2006 Colleyville
Exclusive Business Feature
Ready Vet Go!

Taking care of the family pet just became a lot easier for families always on the go.  The hassle of getting the family pet into the car and hauling the pet to the vet can be a thing of the past with the "Ready Vet Go" concept of Dr. Wes Alger of Colleyville.

Dr. Alger has operated a traditional clinic in the Irving area for years, however first became interested in the mobile vet approach when he saw one of the high tech vans at a trade show.

An LNO Featured Local Business
Confidential Care Professional Counseling
A Colleyville Marriage Counselor talks about the top issues that create marriage issues.Linda Miller-de Berard has 20 years plus as a professional counselor including providing services for 11 years from her Colleyville offices.
Linda's experience and professional training has resulted in an ability to ascertain solutions in short term therapy and help solve problems fast.

"I personally know how divorce can impact young people, I strive to keep marriages together for the sake of the couple and their children."

An LNO Featured Local Business
An engineer with Halliburton pursues her other passion as a side business.
From Adelaide, Australia, Danielle came to the United States in 2000.  Working as an engineer with Halliburton, she was promoted to a position located in the DFW area.

                 Danielle Cousins, 
              Professional Pet Sitter

An LNO Featured Business
Renata Salon & Day Spa 
When Sherry Jaquess first laid eyes on the beautiful old historical Dorris House in Grapevine, she knew immediately that the 1896 home on College Street would be a fabulous place for a salon and spa.

                     Sherry Jaquess
Celebrating her third year in business this December, the Renata Salon and Day Spa in Grapevine is the results dreams are made of.  

While this beautiful hostess today is considered to be one of the premier operators in the business, she could not have imagined even being in the business just a few years ago.

An LNO Featured Business
Sanders Funeral Home
After 16 years working in a corporate funeral home environment, Jim Sanders is committed to a better way of business.

Sanders Funeral Home is located at 8525 Mid-Cities Blvd in North Richland Hills

1 in 3 Trinity Southlake sisters' ingredients for success include beauty, style, grace, experience, marketing and most of all faith.

Featured Local Business..

Jennifer and Travis Patterson of Colleyville have a passion for the outdoors.  In fact, their passion was the catalyst for the two finding each other and partnering up in every way. 

Featured Business  - Dream Dinners
Two Moms with three children each decided there was a better way to feed the family, in fact they liked it so much they bought the local franchise

The meals change each month providing a variety in selections. "What this amounts to is getting families back to their own dinner tables, getting families together and having a great meal at the same time that didn't take the busy mom hours to prepare," explained Barbie. 

 - an LNO Featured Business Divine Consign
Coming to the Grapevine Convention Center August 31 thru September 1, 2006; the "divine" location for the largest consignment sale in DFW.

a Featured Local Business on LNO

Watermere at Southlake

Ever thought about living in a resort community but didn't want to move from the area?  Well, in about 18 months you'll be able to live and own your own home in a 30 acre, $95 million resort, in Southlake.

a Featured Local Business on LNO Sunshine Glaze
Some take off time from work to have a new baby, this Southlake businesswoman started her new business because of the new baby!

                   Shana Bridges
Stand down you self-doubters because the "Alpha-Woman" is in the building.  How would you describe a young lady about to have her first baby that decides to quit her job to raise a child AND start her new business AT THE SAME TIME!

a Featured Local Business on LNO
Edible Arrangements No reason to send flowers you can't eat or cookies you shouldn't, now send the Edible Arrangement!

File this new Keller located business under, "Why didn't I think of that? ... it seems so obvious now!"

Featured Local Business 

Chef Point Cafe 

by Nelson Thibodeaux

I will be the first to admit that I had never been to or heard of Chef Point Cafe in Watauga.  Sort of makes me wonder where I have been for the past three years.  Seems this little endeavor is getting more famous by the day.

LNO Exclusive
Sona MedSpa ..Young University  of Texas Entrepreneur takes the reins of the Grapevine Sona MedSpa

Ok, you just finished college and picked up your degree in Finance from the University of Texas in December 2005, what's your next move?  Should you take some time off this summer or start thinking about getting your resume together and begin the dreaded job hunting effort?

 Euless Featured Business
LNO Exclusive
Kara Peterson Salon G
by Skye Thibodeaux
 Kara Peterson, a twenty-one year old graduate from Colleyville Heritage High School has not wandered far from her alma mater to make a life of her own. 

After graduating early from CHHS in ’02, Kara knew she wanted to be a hair stylist and would stop at nothing to become one

Southlake Featured Business
by Nelson Thibodeaux
LNO Exclusive
La Dame Aux Lavande Designs
  A poem, that speaks of growing old in a wonderfully outrageous style, was written in 1961 by Jenny Joseph who lives in Minchinhampton, England. It is popularly known by many titles including, of course, the actual title "Warning", as well as by "When I Am An Old Woman", "The Purple Poem", "Old Woman", "I Shall Wear Purple", simply "Purple" and by other affectionate names.

The poem is said to be cherished by women all over the world that enjoy its light-hearted humor, including Southlake's Judy Gaman.  Judy took the love of the poem one step further and named her design business ,"La Dame Aux Lavande."  A literal French translation is "The Lady in Lavender."

North Richland Hills
Featured Local Business
Premier Rehab

             Kelly Eckols, MSPT
Premier Rehab is described as a "sparkling new, Physical Therapy Clinic designed for a casual, comfortable and productive rehabilitation experience."  Premier has two strategically located facilities in Keller and North Richland Hills.  The company is owned by Kelly Eckols. Premier's literature points out that her facilities have the only underwater treadmill for accelerated rehabilitation in the DFW area.

Featured Local Business

Another couple of refugees from the "Corporate World", Joe and Sharon Hopkins are well on their way of achieving their American Dream.  The Hopkins were living in Keller when Joe's job required a relocation to North Carolina.  Sharon said that the family had often talked about going into business for themselves, but never found just the right thing. 

PRN Real Estate  a featured local business

Like "Rosie the Riveter" in WWII, the mother - daughter team of Amy Cicherski and Dawn Spillar,  says she best reflects their commitment to getting the job done.

North Richland Hills... a Featured Local Business
Brianna's Boutique  
When looking around one day, Cherry Scribner, and her daughter Heather, decided to clean up their closets.  Cherry said, "We had more clothes than we could use, so we decided to sell some of it."  From cleaning the closet to a brand new fashion boutique store, Brianna's Boutique opened in North Richland Hills on April 21st this year.

 Keller- Featured Business
Super Suppers in Keller  ...Sign up with this business and get fast food, but not fast goods!

Your Answer to...."What's For Dinner?"

Julie Walker provides the answer in Keller.

Read about this LNO Featured Business

Featured Business
Ever wonder where they obtained those magnificent bronze markers and incredible recognition pieces?  

Well now you know!

Click Here to learn more about this Featured Local Business.

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