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Dear Mr. Thibodeaux:   Hello from Steve Vitoff, age 67, of Huntington NY  . . . . but earlier from Massapequa, NY.   I am sure you recall writing this remarkable obituary for Chief Joe Tozzi back in 2003:   http://archive.localnewsonly.com/01newlno/clvnew... Read more

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President of True Texas Project Touches on Heart-Breaking situation for Nursing Home Patients in view of coronavirus lockdown polices

Keller, Texas  June 23, 2020 an Editorial by: Fran Rhodes Fran Rhodes is a resident of Fort Worth and Keller ISD and has been actively involved in local community affairs since 2010. Fran is president of True Texas Project. As a leader in a conservative grassroots organ... Read more


Betting on Madden

Betting on Madden May 21, 2020 In these dire and uncertain times, the entertainment industry has turned to interesting angles searching for the next big thing to carry us through quarantine. When it comes to sports, most of the leagues and tournaments have been canceled... Read more

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