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editor@localnewsonly.com Nelson is a 30-year plus resident of Colleyville. He has located his privately owned businesses in Colleyville for more than 20 years. Nelson is the 2018 Empower Texans Recipient of the North Texas Conservative Leadership Award. Nelson is the founder of LNO in 2000. He served as councilman and Mayor Pro Tem of Colleyville until June 2000. Thereafter, he started LNO because there was no adequate newspaper coverage. Nelson has previously worked in both radio and television during his career.

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    Kathy Hadley

    I have a concern with Mike Taylor being on council since he purposefully sent out an ugly letter against his opponent, to sway the voters to vote for him, instead of Bobby L. Page 5 of the Charter of the City Of Colleyville Texas Revised May 7, 2005, it CLEARLY STATES under QUALIFICATIONS that if a “member of the City Council…or offense involving moral turpitude, the City Council shall declare a vacancy. . .” I have spoken with Mayor Kelly about this, and he said, “Well, no one sent in any letters to the city complaining about it!” While speaking during “citizen comments,” among other things I have said, I have mentioned the citizens NEED to “get a City Charter and read It because mine is FULL of highlights! It is very informative!” At a different mtg. I was speaking again during “Citizen Comments,” and Mayor Kelly stopped me before I could emphasize to the citizens their NEED TO READ THIS! He KNEW what I was going to say because I had my book in my hand! In my opinion, I guess it won’t really matter because he and his cohorts are doing what suits them best at the expense of Colleyville’s heritage, atmosphere, residents, and future! Pages 35 and 36 under “personal Financial Interest: (Amended May 7, 2005) of the City Charter, in my opinion, there are SEVERAL WHO ARE IN VIOLATION, and need to be held accountable!!!

    is doing what

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    David Medlin

    I don’t know if we are talking about the same section, but the charter does give the council and the mayor the authority to investigate the moral issues, before declaring the seat vacant. There is ample evidence to have reasonable cause to call for such an investigation.

    Regarding his comments about not receiving any letters….I’m not sure when he told you that. But here are some thoughts based on fact.

    1) he does not need, nor do other council members need an official complaint or even a letter to initiate such an investigation. His non-action speaks volumes just as action would have, more than his words.
    2) during the 12/15/15 city council meeting as I was addressing the various council people, Mayor told me not to address them (part of the rules) and I should address him directly. So I did. I specifically pointed this out and called him out for not doing so already and in fact pointed out not only did they not investigate this, they re-elected him to some key leadership positions.
    3) I followed up with a email to him on 12/21/15, asking him to do two things. One was to explain that vote that went against the citizens because there may be support we just don’t see. I also specifically called on him to do this investigation.
    A couple of days ago, I got a response that started off boilerplate, (and non-responsive at that) and then he punted telling me that the offer to discuss was still open and gave me his cell phone.
    I have not had a chance to call him to follow up, but plan to. I also contemplated making that letter and his response public, but have not done so out of respect. I plan on following up with him and depending on how open he is in our conversation I may not publish it. Of course one might be able to get it from the freedom of information act, but that has proved to be less than timely or transparent.

    So I can tell you for sure he knows a letter was recieved (email) at the latest 1/5/16 because that’s when I got the response.

    I wonder if I will have to go the full route of filling a citizen complaint to make it official as Nelson did with the city manager issue, or if any on the council,will do the right thing and initiate the investigation on their own.

    One would think one of the three folks up for election would want to show leadership on this issue, but only one of the three I think possibly has the right moral compass to do the right thing. I don’t know if she has the will to go against the establishment, but there is still time.

    Another councilwoman who ran with MT has said she had nothing to do with that even though they ran on the same “ticket”. She made her choice to distance herself or not with him after it came out but instead choose not to. She also has time to make it clear to the community she has the right moral compass as well. Again, her actions speak louder than her (private) conversations.

    But for sure at this point the Mayor has recieved at least one letter calling upon him to do this investigation.
    Wonder if anyone else will send a letter to him,or to the rest of the council so it is painfully obvious this is not a seltzer issue either.

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      Kathy Hadley

      David, during citizen’s comments I brought up the question and VERY STRONG suggestion, to the mayor and council, that they need to read the city of Colleyville Charter before they are allowed to serve the residents and make decisions for the city. Holding up my city Charter at a C.C.Mtg., I asked “HAVE YOU READ THIS?” Of course, I did not get an answer or a head nod, and I was looking directly at the mayor because I was horrified at what Mike Taylor and his friends did to Bobby. I thought maybe NOW he would read it and see that as the Mayor of Colleyville he has a responsibility to discipline Mr. Taylor and hold him accountable because they both “subscribed” to and took the “Oath of Office” which is “filed and kept in the office of the City Secretary.” (p. 11) Also, ” The City Council shall be the judge of the election and qualification of its own members.” (p.5) So, once again the mayor is NOT aware of the important PREAMBLE! We are a “Home Rule municipal government” (p.2) We, as residents of Colleyville, have “rights, authorities, privileges, obligations, and immunities…”(p.2)to expect that OUR CITY will be governed by individuals who have the utmost respect for the country atmosphere of this beautiful city, respect for ALL Colleyville residents, and the ability to put the concerns of the Colleyville residents ahead of the developers, realtors, and the incentive for one to make big $bucks$$ off of Colleyville’s beautiful country atmosphere, at the expense of the wildlife and current home owners!

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