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editor@localnewsonly.com Nelson is a 30-year plus resident of Colleyville. He has located his privately owned businesses in Colleyville for more than 20 years. Nelson is the 2018 Empower Texans Recipient of the North Texas Conservative Leadership Award. Nelson is the founder of LNO in 2000. He served as councilman and Mayor Pro Tem of Colleyville until June 2000. Thereafter, he started LNO because there was no adequate newspaper coverage. Nelson has previously worked in both radio and television during his career.

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    Frank Genco

    There is no way to remove Taylor (who voted last night against taking a strong stand against rail expansion) from RTC as long as he remains an elected official. The answer is to recall his City Council seat and he could be gone by November ballot. It was clear last night that he intends to continue to misrepresent Colleyville citizens (and citizens of 9 other cities) strong interests opposing Texrail expansion thru Colleyville and their towns. Read LNOs review above and watch video of the city council debate (item 9) for yourself or talk to others who witnessed it live at the city council meeting 5/17/2016.

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    Editor - Nelson Thibodeaux

    Mr. Taylor does not have the privilege to remain as long as he is an elected official. However, former Mayor Kelly sent a letter of recommendation,about a week before the swearing in of new members. Allegedly, when 7 out of 10 of the cities Mayor’s letters have been received, according to the RTC, the group ratifies the election of its own members. The only requirement is they have be an elected official at the time they serve. I believe it is safe to say that this effort was meant to circumvent the new Mayor and that a.) if Mr. Taylor does not properly represent the position of Colleyville, or b.) his term ends, he is highly unlikely to be recommended by our current Mayor.

    You can follow the NTCOG at:
    including Tex Rail discussions

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    Frank Genco

    or c.) Colleyville citizens recall him from City Council and then he is no longer eligible to represent us on the RTC as he no longer is an elected official. That can be done by the November ballot. Short of him resigning from RTC (which his ego would not allow), that is the fastest option.

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