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editor@localnewsonly.com Nelson is a 30-year plus resident of Colleyville. He has located his privately owned businesses in Colleyville for more than 20 years. Nelson is the 2018 Empower Texans Recipient of the North Texas Conservative Leadership Award. Nelson is the founder of LNO in 2000. He served as councilman and Mayor Pro Tem of Colleyville until June 2000. Thereafter, he started LNO because there was no adequate newspaper coverage. Nelson has previously worked in both radio and television during his career.

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    Shorty Rodgers

    I noticed that the Henderson’s business address is in Grapevine …. Maybe they should move there! I understand there are some nice residences, recently built along the previously seldom traveled railroad tracks, that have lost considerable value due to the possibility of 50-70 trains a day going down those tracks! They could get a real bargain at the expense of those poor soles and make Colleyville a better place in the process!

  2. 2

    Mike Hutton

    This clown has been sending unsolicited emails for months. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they see that they are simply reinforcing the exact behavior that got them kicked out of office in a landslide? So happy that we have finally turned the page on this crowd save for the despicable and grotesque sociopath Mike Taylor. Why hasn’t he been recalled yet?

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