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editor@localnewsonly.com Nelson is a 30-year plus resident of Colleyville. He has located his privately owned businesses in Colleyville for more than 20 years. Nelson is the 2018 Empower Texans Recipient of the North Texas Conservative Leadership Award. Nelson is the founder of LNO in 2000. He served as councilman and Mayor Pro Tem of Colleyville until June 2000. Thereafter, he started LNO because there was no adequate newspaper coverage. Nelson has previously worked in both radio and television during his career.

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    Just asking, but is this supposed to be unbiased ‘news’?

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      Editor - Nelson Thibodeaux

      “Michelle” if unbiased means we will not post news and opinions that some do not agree with, then the answer is a resounding NO! However, just like the Editorial on the Louis Miller unsolicited email sent out to numerous citizens who question how he and Mark Henderson obtained their emails, the Editorial was back up with facts. So if you consider the facts as bias, then the answer is read the article backed up by facts. In this case, the Editor actually served on the Charter Amendment Committee, as such, is well versed in the facts surrounding it’s recommendations. The Miller email was primarily misunderstood or intentionally misleading, in either case we stand by the Editorial.
      Nelson Thibodeaux, Editor

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    David medlin

    Louis Miller claims only one of the charter committee was picked by his three favorites on the council. That too is FALSE. Mike Taylor and Jody Short each had a representative on the committee.
    Jody’s pick was able to attend the first meeting but could not attend the second. The main objection he raised was the retroactive-immediate-delayed option. He was for the delayed obviously since it affected his councilman.
    Mike Taylor’s pick could not attend the first meeting but did attend the second where she voted for all five.

    I encourage all citizens to vote for all five as well.

    As a side note, Loius Miller has been around for a very long time and has been very involved. While I disagree with the things I have seen him push, I recognize over the years he probably contributed many positive things to this city. I think it’s a shame for him to end his political influence in such a negative, sore looser way. Hopefully a good friend will talk to him about his approach and encourage him to make positive contributions to the process. We are not going away.

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