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Lonny Watson

Sports Photographer/Reporter – Lonny is a 31-year resident of Grapevine. He is a retired Lucent-Alcatel telecommunications Equipment Sales Account executive. He first became involved in sports photography while in the 9th grade at Burbank High School (Burbank, California) in 1958. Since retirement in 1999, he has taken various action photos at sporting events throughout the DFW area and designed/published several sports photo websites.

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    Richard McDonald

    Why did LNO ignore the “make Colleyville great again” school approved theme that has caused so much discussion in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. That discussion paints the Colleyville school and the administration as elitist jerks and bigots.

    What say you?

    Also, the quote stated as from our councilman, Bobby L., should be examined, because I don’t think he would state such a farfetched argument

    Please Check it out.

    Rick McDonald

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      Editor - Nelson Thibodeaux

      We have checked out the stories on many news outlets and services. What say you? If you are constantly looking to be offended; you will not be disappointed.

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