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    Do you ever get tired of bashing David Kelly? I’m guessing not ? I’m neither a supporter or detractor of his, but do get a little worn out on your apparent obsession with him.

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      Editor - Nelson Thibodeaux

      First of all, I was not “bashing” David Kelly during his early terms as Mayor; as a matter of fact, LNO and Editor we were supportive of his early inclusive style. However, he “morphed” into a gavel banging Mayor attempting to suppress public voices in the City Council chambers. The nickname he was often referred during his last years on City Council was “Little Caesar”

      The comments in this Opinion piece was inspired by the fact he has thrust himself back into the political spotlight by his thinly veiled attempt to get on the Colleyville City Council superstitiously through his step son Chad LaParelle. Chad may be a fine police officer in Frisco, but that does not qualify him to be a placeholder for his step-dad (David Kelly) on Colleyville City Council. The November election for the City Charter Amendments passed with 82%. Kelly is barred from seeking the Office of Mayor for, at another 2 years. However, Mr. Kelly COULD have run for a council seat this election cycle (he is not barred from running for another position on City Council), if he was so anxious to get his influence back on City Council. But alas, he throws Chad into the fracas whom has proven to have limited grasp of city issues. Chad took up the “battle cry” the current majority of council only serves a few; however this ignores the fact the new majority has greatly expanded involvement on city committees by citizens, when in fact, under Kelly, citizen participation was at a low point to the point that terms were virtually ignored in order to keep the same group in power on critical committees.

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        CV Citizen

        If Chad looses the City Council Election, will he still live in his “new” Colleyville house? I can’t wait to find out.

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