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    Rick McDonald

    Since our village has little connection to international trade, healthcare, or foreign interference in our council elections, I think your column proposing that canidates and individual voters be classified as either conservative or liberal is harmful to our village and democracy in general.

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      Editor - Nelson Thibodeaux

      Mr. McDonald, LNO never proposed that candidates be classified as conservative or liberal, they classified themselves by revealing how they voted in Presidential elections. It appears it would be harmful to me if candidates political beliefs at all levels were mask in an attempt to deceive voters, as the Battle Ground Texas effort clearly points out. No, you are right the council doesn’t deal with international issues, they deal with issues that are literally in our backyard, where their decisions are more likely to have a personal impact on people in the “village.” Voters have every right to understand and be informed of an individuals political philosophy prior to their election, assuming they want to reveal their voting pattern as Jon Bullock and Mike Sexton have done. Now we learn Hillary is forming another organization simply for the purpose to harass President Donald Trump; and Mr. Bullock voted for this far liberal, left wing idealogue who wants to continue to create havoc and unrest, although she was soundly beaten in the last election.

      And on top of that what does that have to do with the TEC investigation of the Protect Colleyville PAC, except that it continues to attack conservative candidates and rally behind candidates clearly of the left wing liberal bent locally?

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