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Multiple contributors including Lone Star Voice; Teresa Breckmeyer, Linda Baker,Ross Kecseg, Elizabeth North, Nelson Thibodeaux, Lonny Watson, Chris Waguespack, Columns and Editorials have also been contributed by Chris Putnam, Linda Newton, Jane McCain, Dr. Kevin Wacasy by Bandit Thibodeaux, previously featured in magazines and television as the "Heart Stealer," in his guard dog role and greeting visitors.

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    George McMeen


    You are right about Bud Kennedy but I would oppose your thoughts on Ralph Swearingen if that is the right spelling of his last name. I know the builder who built a house for him and he described him as paranoid. Ralph was a ass kisser of Chief Windham and I was a part of a team that kicked both of their butts in a court case that can be verified by Jack Strickland. Windham did later say it was a mistake after spending approx. 300k of the city’s money.

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