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Mark Bauer lives in Colleyville and is the founder of the Northeast Tarrant County Democrats and a 2012 Democratic Party National Delegate

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    Kathy Hadley

    It is time that WE take our state back and hold people accountable! Conservatives need to stop being complacent, nice guys and stand up and demand that Texas’ Red, Conservative Values be upheld in Texas for many future generations to enjoy! Deception by the left is slow, steady, and unassuming until damage is evident! We must keep Texas RED in order for her to be STRONG for us and future generations! We must hold accountable those who deceive!

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    Danny Jensen

    Hopefully Gio is spending his time talking to voters that take the time to understand issues Texas faces vs those whose decisions are made from Midland. Instead here are some real facts…. HB 486 was to allow a School District to LOWER its tax rate without a vote. It some districts the cost of a required election kept them from lowering their rate. HB 2788 ( it’s 2766) was an attempt to get more federal money into state Medicaid funds. Like it is currently done in 43 other states. It had nursing home providers ( outlawed passing cost in to consumers) pay a higher bed rate, state gets matching funds from Feds and then Texas increases Medicaid rates so more Docs and nursing homes would take increased number of patients. No cost to Texas or consumers. Don’t know his answer to Arts Commission although I support Art and Humanities programs and they are basically a pass through agency with money going to local arts groups and teaching groups how to write proposals for private funding. House doesn’t vote on Points of Orders, those are rulings of the Chair. Finally it takes 2 to Tango and to take pics. If Abbott didn’t want to be in picture with Giovanni, then he wouldn’t be in them.

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    Gio can not be trusted and needs to go!!!

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