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Linda Baker, Police Reporter

Linda Baker lindabaker@localnewsonly.com is a long time resident of Colleyville and has acted as LNO's Police Reporter since 2001.

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    Kathy Hadley

    I find that ALL of these reoccurring DWIs are an unheard cry for help. The loved ones and the police should be armed with resources in order for the individual to get their life back on track. Many times it is not as simple as “Don’t Drink and Drive” because there has been a brain injury that the offender is responding to, like PTSD! A person does NOT to be military in order to suffer with PTSD. MANY factors can cause PTSD not just war! It is a complicated problem that requires the help and understanding of society NOT prison! MANY are very good hearted people that have this uncontrollable pull to fill the nutritional deficiency in their brain and/or numb the realization that they are not who they used to be before the brain injury! With help, support, patience, prayer, Christ, and the understanding of ALL people associated with the suffering individual this can be overcome! It is a very long process and requires work and understanding on EVERYONE’S part. The ultimate goal is for the individual to gain their life back and be in control!!!

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