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Multiple contributors including Lone Star Voice; Teresa Breckmeyer, Linda Baker,Ross Kecseg, Elizabeth North, Nelson Thibodeaux, Lonny Watson, Chris Waguespack, Columns and Editorials have also been contributed by Chris Putnam, Linda Newton, Jane McCain, Dr. Kevin Wacasy by Bandit Thibodeaux, previously featured in magazines and television as the "Heart Stealer," in his guard dog role and greeting visitors.

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    Kathy Hadley

    Heck NO! The University of Texas should NOT provide free tuition for illegal aliens just because they are poor! We have MANY poor AMERICAN CITIZENS who aren’t given that opportunity! My husband put himself through five years of college.I don’t believe it should ever go up for a vote because the chance for manipulation in favor of the LEFT is great, and it is a “NO BRAINER!” It is WRONG to look past the AMERICANS, and give handouts to the UNamericans. Unless, they are all rounded up, along with the College Regents of U.T., and sent back to Mexico! The Left is desperately trying to turn Texas blue on the RED CONSERVATIVES’ DOLLAR, IN MY OPINION!!!

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