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Lonny Watson

Sports Photographer/Reporter – Lonny is a 31-year resident of Grapevine. He is a retired Lucent-Alcatel telecommunications Equipment Sales Account executive. He first became involved in sports photography while in the 9th grade at Burbank High School (Burbank, California) in 1958. Since retirement in 1999, he has taken various action photos at sporting events throughout the DFW area and designed/published several sports photo websites.

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    Kathy Hadley

    I know people who have had Covid. Like any other awful flu virus, they were very ill for about FIVE days! Like any other flu, they stayed home and fought it with bed rest, zinc and Vitamin C. After the Covid ran its course, they were as good as new and back at work. Everyone has the responsibility at taking good care of ONE’s SELF and build your God given immune system so that it is able to fight and keep YOU healthy! We HAVE TO get keep moving forward!

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