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editor@localnewsonly.com Nelson is a 30-year plus resident of Colleyville. He has located his privately owned businesses in Colleyville for more than 20 years. Nelson is the 2018 Empower Texans Recipient of the North Texas Conservative Leadership Award. Nelson is the founder of LNO in 2000. He served as councilman and Mayor Pro Tem of Colleyville until June 2000. Thereafter, he started LNO because there was no adequate newspaper coverage. Nelson has previously worked in both radio and television during his career.

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    Mark Bauer

    Nelson, that letter from Mark Bauer was amazingly well written. He spelled everything correctly and everything. Have you ever considered hiring him for your staff?

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      Editor - Nelson Thibodeaux

      Thank you Mark for pointing that out; however, as you know, we are lightly staffed and virtually all volunteer our times. However, Mr. Bauer knows he has been invited to provide editorial content, unedited, with all of his correctly spelled words.
      If there is anything that you do not understand about the Bauer/Liberal Dems..just re-read the editorial and if you are confused by any comment and don’t understand the intent…simply send me an email with your questions.

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        Kathy Hadley

        Mark Bauer, Why in the world are Liberals so vicious toward the good hearted, conservative Texans in Colleyville who want to continue the wholesome, peaceful, spacious environment of Colleyville? Thanks to THIS current council under Mayor Richard Newton’s direction, Colleyville has the SECOND lowest taxes in Tarrant County! The only reason that we aren’t #1 is because Grapevine has DFW Airport! No city in Tarrant County can beat that, but coming in second place speaks VOLUMES for ALL residents. I am a member of Empower Texans, and I am NOT a billionaire! ET is a fine, conservative organization that many have joined in order to preserve, protect and defend the Conservative Values of TEXAS! The deception that the Liberals spew in order to deceive voters and win votes is wicked and NOT reflective of the strong, RED TEXAS! GCISD is a Liberal swamp that needs to be cleaned for the life long future of our students and hard working teachers! EDUCATION, not multi million dollar stadiums, benefits ALL students. GCISD NEEDS to be made strong, again! Tommy Snyder and Mike McCoy have my vote for GCISD Trustees!!! They will speak up for the teachers, tax payers and ALL students! We HAVE TO stand strong against deception and look at the FACTS!!!

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