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Linda Baker lindabaker@localnewsonly.com is a long time resident of Colleyville and has acted as LNO's Police Reporter since 2001.

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    You might want to update the story. His name has been released and he is walking around on a cheap bond.

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      Editor - Nelson Thibodeaux

      The following Statement was Released by Southlake Mayor Laura Hill on her Facebook Page regarding this Rape Assault that occurred in her city.

      By now, most of you have read the tragic news and press releases that a horrific sexual assault was committed in one of our Southlake restaurants Friday night. As a mother, a woman and a woman Mayor I am horrified beyond words.
      I was notified Friday night by our Chief of Police as I was stepping into the radio booth at Dragon Stadium to do the halftime show. The call made me physically ill. I hurt for that woman and I hurt for my city.
      Before I continue, I want to say God bless the Southlake Police Department. They protected the victim, followed proper procedures to a T. And they tracked down their man quickly, notified the city he lived in immediately and worked quickly to obtain an arrest warrant. Southlake citizens were not at risk that night. As citizens some things are not our business, the victim is the only one that matters when a crime is committed. Her day in court and the punishment of her assailant comes first. Sexual Assault is a felony!
      Today I learned that the accused rapist posted bond. Now I have an issue, a big one. The courts set bail, local law enforcement has no say. As a woman I am appalled that a rapist could walk out of jail on a $50,000 bond which I know he posted a fraction of in real cash.
      I am the first one to say don’t get on Facebook to just complain, do something. I plan on making it my mission to change the laws/guidelines that govern the setting of bail for sexual assaults against women. I plan on meeting with District Attorney , Sharen Wilson and will also ask our State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione and State Senators Kelly Hancock and Konni Burton to lend their muscle. I’ll use every political relationship I have formed over the years
      I was so naive, I had no idea it could even be possible to walk out of jail for so little money after being accused of such a heinous crime. I believe in our system of justice but I don’t believe in this. As a mom, I like you can’t imagine the pain that poor woman is going through.
      Please keep her in your prayers.

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