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    Mark Bauer

    Lobbyist are a necessity. The bills in the legislature are too complex for our representatives to comprehend all their nuances and subtleties. You actually want lobbyists who specialize in understanding bills related to their field or industry to have meetings with our legislators to point out their effects, unintended consequences, and details.
    The problem is when you get ideological representatives who decide to listen to only one side and refuse to allow lobbyists from the other side to even enter their office. Fortunately that state senator was defeated this last election, but you guys want to continue that ridiculous practice.
    If you cut the legs of our county, city, and school boards from hiring professional people to consult with our representatives, it means you are turning over our laws to proponents of school vouchers, charter schools, state control of city and county revenue, and pretty much allowing the state to usurp American voters’ right to self govern.

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